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dealing with anxiety

According to Dr Kevin Elko anxiety can be like an internal, emotional bully. To deal with anxiety you’ve got to get away from how you feel. Instead focus on your choices—your own decisions. The apostle Peter wrote, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” Question is, how does one cast anxiety unto God?

Peter, remember, was an old fisherman. Instead of instructing his readers to dump their anxieties or escape them or offload them, this fisherman chose a fishing term: cast.

Think about what’s involved in a 1st century fisherman casting a net.
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end of everything

The NYTimes Book Review’s 100 most notable books of 2020 includes The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) by Dr Katie Mack—theoretical astrophysicist at North Carolina State University. She writes that just as the universe had a beginning, it is sure to end. “At the very least, there will be a transition that for all intents and purposes destroys everything.”

As a scientific materialist she claims that at some point in our cosmic future it will not have mattered that any of us ever lived. It is her considered scientific opinion that the universe will, more likely than not, fade into a cold, dark, empty nothing. And everything that everyone has ever done will be utterly lost.
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