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lies & fantasies

~ Adapted from a written opinion by Lance Morrow, senior fellow Ethics and Public Policy Center ~

As a teenager in the 1930s, my mother was an idealistic, card-carrying member of the Communist Party. When she quit the party, her Philadelphia cell declared her “an enemy of the people.” My father was an editor at the
Saturday Evening Post in the days after World War II, when America imagined itself as a Norman Rockwell painting.

Absorbing the points of view of both my parents, I became a journalist. When I started it wasn’t considered unprincipled for a journalist to be able to see both sides of an issue. My double-mindedness persists in the Age of Trump. And what I see are the passions of the 1930s replaying themselves in 21st-century variations.
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greatest sermon challenge

Early in his New Testament gospel, Matthew recounts Jesus’ invitation (actually it’s an expectation—even demand) for two fishermen to follow Him with the promise, “I will make you fish for people.” The question arises if all followers of Christ are to “fish for people.” Or is evangelism for only select Christians? After all, Jesus doesn’t promise to make the next two people He called, “fish for people.”

Matthew follows Jesus’ challenging four fishermen to follow Him with a brief transition paragraph that leads into His
sermon on the mount. Might fishing for people and the sermon on the mount be connected? Read More…

Iranians converting to Christianity

According to NPR, in Turkey and across the Middle East and Europe, Muslim refugees eager to emigrate to the West are converting to Christianity.

Sebnem Koser Akcapar, a sociology professor at Istanbul’s Koç University, reports, “The numbers of Iranian refugees converting have grown tremendously.” But the professor believes many are professing religious persecution as an angle to emigrate to the West. Read More…