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muslim ban

Perhaps you’re like me—bewildered, maybe even disgusted by the President’s executive order regarding Muslim entry into the USA. Or, perhaps you think it’s a helpful, even needed action. Either way, we need to get beyond the bluster and invectives. And there’s a deep question here that’s not being addressed. But let’s begin by looking at what was done. The executive order fulfilled a campaign promise. However, Foreign Policy reports it’s not something counter-terrorism officials had lobbied for or even wanted.  Read More…


Last night we finished streaming Season 1 of, “Victoria” a PBS Masterpiece theatrical series. This lovely production recounts the beginning of the 64-year reign of England’s Queen Victoria. Her longevity accompanied a cultural abandonment of rationalism throughout the English speaking world and Europe. During the modern era and our own post-modern era, the term “Victorian” has often been used to disparage sexual restraint, intolerance, or any strict social code of conduct. These were hallmarks of Victoria’s personal life and of the society she led. Could it be possible, could PBS celebration of Queen Victoria signal a similar cultural shift? Read More…

martin luther king day

MLK Day has become one of my favorite holidays because it's a national celebration of the life and work of a Christian pastor. It’s understandable if you don’t know Dr King as a committed Christ-follower. Our culture has re-written the historic record, expunging his Christianity. A visitor to the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC will not find a reference to his faith, or even to God, save his own chosen title, Reverend. Read More…

best Christmas gift

What’s the best gift you received this Christmas? For our family, it was the Celebrate 20 Years with Hope commemorative book. Mary Lacock and the Anniversary Team produced a beautiful album, a celebration of Hope Community Fellowship. Packed with two decades of pictures, it brings back memories of all God has done through our Fellowship, and sometimes in spite of us. Read More…

nationalism & christianity

The Wall Street Journal reported that a French presidential candidate is challenging his country’s secular tradition. Surprisingly, an increasing number of French voters are groping their way back towards the Christian tradition that was a key ingredient in the rise of the West. While other politicians certainly are nationalists, French Presidential candidate Fillon’s embrace of Catholicism is not nationalistic. Read More…