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good news out of iran

Year after year, Iran is listed as one of the 10 worst persecutors of Christians in the world. Counterintuitively, Iran may be the nation with the fastest growing church.

Daniel Pipes, a Jewish researcher and author
wrote in Newsweek: "Something religiously astonishing is taking place in Iran, where an Islamist government has ruled since 1979: Christianity is flourishing. Iranians have become the most open people to the gospel." Read More…

don't give up on America

American Christians sometimes do unusual things in pursuit of patriotism.

During WW1, many Lutheran congregations raised American flags in their sanctuaries and hung patriotic bunting. It was a sensible display since many Lutherans still worshiped in their religion’s native language at a time when the USA was at war with Germany. Brandishing patriotic symbols was a plausible way to deflect charges of disloyalty.
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