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First published in 1710 in Cologne, Germany; the classic Christmas hymn Veni, Veni Emanuel has been recorded in English as O Come, O Come Emanuel by more than fifty artists and choirs. Enya, Pentatonix, Joan Baez, Linda Rondstadt, Jessica Simpson, Bette Midler, The Carpenters, Wynonna Judd, Whitney Houston, Sugarland (with a banjo) as well as Peter, Paul & Mary—all have their own musical interpretation of … Read More…

christianity: cult of human sacrifice?

Christianity has never lacked for critics and cynics. During the past decade its critics have returned to an argument almost as old as Christianity itself. Dr. Sam Harris, a cognitive scientist, argues that Christianity is a cult of human sacrifice, a companion criticism to that made by the late Christopher Hitchens. How can educated, intelligent people make such preposterous claims? I’m afraid their criticisms arise from what they hear Christians say. Read More…

law of christ

Texas just sent Rosa Maria Ortega to prison for eight years because she voted. Ms Ortega was brought illegally into the US as an infant. Her formal education ended about the sixth-grade. Now a permanent legal resident who holds a green-card, she testified “All my life I was taught I was a US citizen.” Only she wasn’t. Ms Ortega was indicted for voter fraud in November 2015. She didn’t operate a voter-fraud ring. She did cast an illegal ballot. Is there wisdom in treating an illegal voter like a violent felon? Read More…

frankenstein questions

Like most unknown authors, I’m gratified by any media attention. So, I was pleased when on 2/3/2017 the Wall Street Journal published my letter, complete with its very own graphic. That letter refuted a reference in an opinion piece describing the man-made creature in the classic Frankenstein as “inarticulate”. It’s Hollywood that has given us an inarticulate, sub-human, barely rational Frankenstein’s monster. But, that’s not the creature in Mary Shelly’s 1818 classic. Perhaps Hollywood made her creature inarticulate because they didn’t like the questions it asked. Read More…