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marching for science

This past weekend was Earth Day with a host of marches for science. In an age of fake news, science certainly deserves a march. I’m personally a fan of the annual march for life in DC due to the fact that a fertilized human egg, unless interrupted, always becomes a human person; it cannot possibly remain an embryo or become a porpoise or eagle. It’s basic science and science is a very good thing.

The problem, of course, is what humans do with science. Read More…

what to do with the risen Jesus?

The movie Risen (2016) creates a story in which the Roman soldier who supervised Jesus’ crucifixion stumbles upon the risen Jesus. The fictional encounter leaves the soldier numb and disoriented, mumbling “How can this be?” Then he’s haunted by a question—a question every one of us must answer: What do you do with the risen Jesus? Read More…

holy week

“Holy Week” is the traditional Christian identification for the seven days prior to Easter Sunday. This doesn’t mean it’s somehow a better week than the other fifty-one. It simply means to invite you to live these seven days a little differently. Identifying this week as Holy challenges all people to think differently this week—more reflectively, more spiritually and less culturally. To be blunt, Holy Week challenges you to spend seven days not thinking first and foremost about yourself. Read More…

white christianity?

The overwhelming reality of 21stCentury Christianity is that it is non-white—and growing more so. A century ago 80% of professing Christians lived in Europe and North America. Christianity is now the world’s most multi-racial, global institution. Two big things are responsible for this demographic change. Read More…