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God is. The Trinity

A classic question asks, “If god is completely complete in and of himself, if he is totally fulfilled, fully self-sustaining, lacking nothing; then why does anything exist beyond god?”
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justice or something

Last week the Prime Minister of Canada issued a formal apology and ordered the Canadian government to pay $8+million (10.5million Canadian dollars, although Canada refuses to disclose the amount officially) to Omar Khadr. Mr Khadr previously pleaded guilty to tossing a grenade that killed Sgt Christopher Speer, a US Army Delta Force medic. Another American soldier, Sgt Layne Morris was partially blinded in the attack.

No court anywhere ordered this action. What prompted
Prime Minister Trudeau? Is this about justice? Or something else? Read More…

the simple and the gentle

In the classic The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights, characters carry a myriad of often antiquated titles; kings, queens, sorcerers, barons, knights, maidens, squires, damsels, etc. Still, I was surprised to discover that in the legend every character fits into one of two broad classifications: the simple or the gentle. Even more surprising was discovering a king could be among the simple and a servant among the gentle. Read More…