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given-up anything for lent?

Cecilia Escobedo, a mother of five, is giving-up refined sugar for Lent. The Wall Street Journal reports her goal is to lose 10% of her body weight. Ms Escobedo sees no reason to feel guilty about wanting to shed pounds in a season focused on self-denial. The body is as important as the soul, she believes. “I have an obligation to take care of myself.” Read More…

say something, do something

In the early 1600’s Galileo reached a point where he quit arguing for his scientific explanation of heliocentrism. Instead, he simply invited opponents to look through his telescope. Sadly, so certain were his opponents of what they thought they knew, most refused even to take a peek.

Today, many of us are so sure of what we think we know that we won’t even take a peak at another perspective.
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save yourself?

When in 1999 Dr Anne Spoerry died, she was known throughout east Africa as “Mama Daktari.” From 1950 until her death “Mother Doctor” provided health care for perhaps 1million of Kenya’s poorest inhabitants, piloting her own plane to remote villages, providing treatment, surgeries and vaccinations. Dr Spoerry was the first female member of the Flying Doctors service, a non-governmental organization now known as Amref Health Africa. Read More…