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The Bible recounts King David’s own son led a rebellion against him. Prince Absalom tried to steal the throne of Israel. He is commonly characterized as a rebel. Perhaps from Absalom’s perspective his father the king failed to act with justice and had become weak.

In time the rebellion was put down by the professional soldiers who rallied to the king. But against David’s announced wish his son, the leader of the rebellion, was killed.
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persecuted christians

Sunday 11/4 was the international day of prayer for the persecuted church. Sunday at Hope Community was a prayer service. No sermon. Lots of prayers—spoken and whispered. Concluding with Communion.

Video clips focused our prayers on a few of the many
countries in which Christians face persecution. Pakistan—Christians are second-class citizens relegated to demeaning work. Nigeria—Boko Haram attacks Christians (remember #BringBackOurGirls). China—President Xi deems Christianity to be un-patriotic. North Korea—possessing a Bible gets you 15years in a labor camp. Read More…