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moralistic, therapeutic deism

In 2009 researchers at Notre Dame, Patricia Snell and Christian Smith, summarized their data-mining of millennials’ attitude toward religion. Regardless of religious upbringing, the vast majority of young Americans believe in an up-and-coming de facto cultural religion: moralistic, therapeutic deism. The basic tenants can be easily summarized … Read More…

getting religion

Kenneth Woodward was the religion editor at Newsweek magazine for nearly forty years. He identifies as a Roman Catholic. Mr Woodward's 2016 book, Getting Religion chronicles what he witnessed and reported as America transitioned from being “a nation with the soul a church” (G.K. Chesterton’s description) to the post-Christian culture we are today.  Read More…


Salvation in the Bible is about more than getting to heaven. Salvation includes God redeeming all creation from its current polluted condition and reincorporating it into His kingdom of heaven. Perhaps the best salvation story in the Bible was when Jesus invited Himself to dinner at the home of an oppressor. His name was Zacchaeus. He was a tax collector for the evil empire. The locals called him a sinner. Read More…