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dying gives us the chance to confront truth

Adapted from an article by Prof. C. Kavin Rowe, Duke University Divinity School.

The Covid-19 pandemic has swept away the illusions that can ignore death. The virus will kill only a small minority of the world. Yet its prevalence has reminded people everywhere that if Covid-19 doesn’t kill them, something else will.

This realization recalls a truth central to the Christian tradition: No one will get out of life alive. I know this firsthand because my dying wife tells the truth. When she was referred to hospice after a long and painful decline, she simply noted, “I don’t want to die. I want to finish raising our son.”
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resurrection day

Jerusalem always buzzed during Passover, the high-holy day of Jewish culture. But one year was extremely intense—the year crowds hailed Jesus from Nazareth. Popular opinion believed Him to be a prophet, particularly those living outside Jerusalem and its suburbs. Many dared to dream He was more than a prophet. Others feared that possibility.

Might Jesus be Israel’s rightful king—the divinely anointed heir of great king David?
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