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Light Bulb


On a NY City commuter train, Kevin Donovan and his Muslim friend found themselves sitting across from a family of South Asian appearance. While his friend talked with the father, Kevin introduced himself to the mother and her daughter, Aisha. As it was a school day, this was the only family on the train, so Mr Donovan asked where they were traveling so early in the morning.

“To see the St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” Aisha’s mother answered with a smile.
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Ask, Seek, Knock

Many of us share a rather unbiblical concept of prayer. We sincerely believe prayer is getting God to do what we need or want done. Actually, to pray is to invite God into one’s situation. The New Testament suggests Jesus prayed to ascertain what God the Father wanted Him to say and do. Jesus taught his disciples to pray persistently, even with impudence, yet at its heart prayer moves us into what God is doing. God’s agenda accessed by our prayers will take us places we can’t imagine. Read More…

4 versions, 1 story

It’s good to know so many are participating in Hope Community’s devotional readings and discussions. While these readings are from the Gospel of Matthew, there are three more New Testament accounts of the life of Christ. Four versions of one story can seem confusing.
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