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train up a child

Kids currently in college, high school and middle school are rather unique. They’re the first crop of kids to grow up with smart phones in hand and two haunting events in their collective memory; the 2008 economic panic and the attacks of 9/11. These three seemingly unrelated items have combined to make kids, according to demographer Dr Jean Twenge “less rebellious and less relational, more tolerant but more unhappy, and completely unprepared for adulthood.” She opines that our kids are “fearful, maybe even terrified.” Read More…

becoming conversatioanl

Jesus had a wonderful ability to talk with outsiders. A woman who’d gone through five husbands. A religious leader fraught over his daughter’s health. An officer in the imperial army of occupation. A rich and influential young man. Jesus was so good at engaging outsiders that He was popular at dinners and parties. Religious people, however, dismissed Him as a friend of drunks and sinners. Read More…

social media deception

Social media styles itself as a great way to connect with friends. Facebook Live advertises: “If you have more to say, take out your phone and press this (Facebook icon), tap this (video camera icon) and go live. Now you’re not alone. Your friends are here to listen.”

Only they aren’t. Because the more you’re on social media the more lonely you are.
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