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what people need

Live as free people … 1Peter 2.16

People need to live free. That’s the idea behind the US Constitution. Because freedom without limits devolves into might-makes-right, the Constitution’s legal guardrails were established to protect liberty.

Compromises in the Constitution allowed slavery; because some had the power to hold slaves they claimed the right to own slaves. And the Constitution ignored women. Still, it launched a
nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Read More…

social justice religion

Someone yells “repent” in the street. Are they a …
rrrrrReligious preacher
rrrrrLeft-wing activist

October 2021 a crowd outside Netflix’s offices protested Dave Chappelle’s comedy special
The Closer, which criticized transgender activists. There was a counterprotest: a lonely Chappelle fan holding a sign: “We Like Dave”. His sign was stolen and ripped up. Someone shouted in his face, “Repent!” Read More…

eight levels of faith

The New Testament identifies Moses as a champion of faith. Even our post-Christian culture sees him that way. Those who study Scripture—who take the text seriously—discover Moses exhibited a flawed faith. Just like us.

An analysis of the Old Testament books of Moses suggests eight levels/stages/progressions of his faith.
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government approved school prayer

From The War on the West by Douglas Murray.

A very wise friend died during the COVID pandemic, Indian-born
economist Deepak Lal. In his later years Prof Lal chortled unstoppably when discussing the latest idiocies afflicting America’s universities. “Everybody claims that after the age of Christianity, we are going to enter an age of atheism. Whereas it is perfectly clear that we are entering an age of polytheism. Everybody has their own gods now.”

After the central religious stories of the West were expunged, the culture became entirely hollowed out. It is amazing how empty and flimsy the ideas are that have flooded in to fill their place. In the name of great openness we became close minded. In the name of progress, we absorbed ideas that are highly regressive.
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public prayer at school, take 2

April 2022 I blogged an edited version of Joe Kennedy’s opinion piece explaining his habit of public prayer. Mr. Kennedy, a former US Marine, explained how public prayer resulted in his dismissal as football coach at a public high school.

“The Bremerton High School athletic director seemed sure that my experience training Marines to work as a team was all the qualification I needed to be a football coach. As I weighed the opportunity, I caught the movie
Facing the Giants. It seemed an answer from God. I committed to coaching football and promised God that I would take a knee by myself in quiet prayer at the 50-yard line following every game, win or lose.” Read More…

erasure of women

Adapted from “Women Leaving the Left” by Meghan Murphy, a Canadian living in Mexico.

I have been dedicated to the left since I was a teenager. As a young woman, I identified as a Marxist. I viewed supporters of Canada’s Liberal Party (led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) as right-wing.

Despite my dedication, I’ve became a pariah among progressives because I insist that prostitution, strip clubs, pornography and sexual objectification in the media harm women. I wrote critically about
SlutWalk, where young women attempted to fight victim-blaming by parading through the streets in their underwear. Read More…

"prayer doesn't work"

Many are tired of ineffective prayers to end mass shootings. Familiar platitudes such as “thoughts and prayers to the families” seem hollow.

“Prayer doesn’t work.”

Agree or disagree with that statement, rational analysis concludes that prayers have failed to stop mass shootings.
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deadly freedom

Twenty-one killed this week in a Texas school; a dozen more shot and wounded.

Six shot in a church in California the previous week.

Ten killed in a mall in Buffalo that same week.

Many demand something, anything be done. I want a solution. Solutions require an accurate definition of the problem. There’s a reason so many demand “something” be done. Doing something allows for action without having to define anything.
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public prayer & public school

Monday the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments about prayer in school. Joe Kennedy, a Marine Corps veteran, was dismissed from coaching Junior Varsity football at a local high school due to his habit of public prayer.

"With all the bad things I’ve done in my life, it still surprises me that I was fired for praying.

"I was a terrible kid. My adoptive parents did their best, but I was always getting in trouble. The Marine Corps became my ticket out of the fights, group homes and foster care. Twenty years after enlisting, I moved back home to Bremerton, Wash.
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resurrection inconsistencies

Critics of Jesus’ resurrection focus on the inconsistencies in the New Testament accounts.

Believers equate those differences to the perspective of different witnesses. Imagine an auto collision in an intersection with witnesses located on each of the four corners of that intersection. Each witness would see the collision somewhat differently.

Christianity focuses upon the striking similarities of the four New Testament accounts: the open and empty tomb, women witnesses, the presence and message of angels, disbelieving male disciples, and most importantly unexpected and sporadic appearances of Jesus.

While the four Gospels agree that women discovered the empty tomb, they record different accounts of what they experienced. However, most perceived inconsistencies fade when readers remember three facts:
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our culture of conformity

Towards the end of the 20th century films, documentaries and books assured us that the 1950s were years of conformity. An astute observer of present-day America might conclude that our own decade is more drenched with the spirit of conformism than were the 1950s.

Corporate managers and military leaders parrot nostrums about diversity, inclusion and sustainability that few of them believe. Museums and orchestras studiously avoid programming that might offend ideologues. Reporters and editors seize on stories—or ignore them—solely because that’s what everybody else is reporting.

~ adapted from an interview published in the Wall Street Journal ~ Read More…

stay & serve in ukraine

~ adapted from an article by pastor Vasyl Ostryi of Irpin Bible Church in Ukraine ~

To us in Ukraine, the book of Esther has become real. The decree is signed, a 21stCentury Haman has the power to destroy a nation. The gallows are ready. Ukraine is the target.

Missionaries have left as have Western embassies and citizens. Oligarchs, businessmen, and those who can afford it have left, saving their families from war.

My wife and I decided to remain in our city near Kyiv, to stay and serve the people of Ukraine. Irpin Bible Church, where I joined the pastoral team in 2016, has bought a supply of food, medicine, and fuel so that we’ll be able to help those in need rather than burden them.
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