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church shootings don't intimidate the church

(Excerpt from Russell Moore writing in The Washington Post, 11/6/2017)

While millions of other Christians were singing hymns or opening their Bibles or taking communion this past Sunday, a gunman was opening fire on the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX. Whatever the shooter’s twisted objective might have been, we do know this: It won’t work. Read More…

the crucial career

Erica Komisar is a Jewish psychoanalyst who practices on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. That location accurately stereotypes her as a political liberal. But she’s become “a bit of a pariah” on the left because of her book, Being There: Why the First Three Years of Motherhood Matters.

Christian radio stations “interviewed me and loved me,” she says. Read More…

christian dior & suzanne spaak

You’ve heard of Christian Dior, a French fashion designer—founder of one of the world’s celebrity fashion houses. During the World War 2 occupation of France, Dior designed dresses for the wives of Nazi officers and French collaborators, as did other fashion housesconforming to the pattern of their world. His sister Catherine refused to conform. She joined the Resistance and ended up in Ravensbruck Concentration camp. Read More…

seeking allah

Nabeel Quershi died September 16, 2017, at age 34. He was born into an American Muslim family of Pakistani descent, his father a faithful Muslim from the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam and a patriotic officer in the US Navy. Nabeel Quershi was highly educated; BA in interpersonal communications (Old Dominion U.), an MD (Eastern Virginia Medical School), MA in religion (Duke U.), and Master of Philosophy (Oxford, England). Read More…

train up a child

Kids currently in college, high school and middle school are rather unique. They’re the first crop of kids to grow up with smart phones in hand and two haunting events in their collective memory; the 2008 economic panic and the attacks of 9/11. These three seemingly unrelated items have combined to make kids, according to demographer Dr Jean Twenge “less rebellious and less relational, more tolerant but more unhappy, and completely unprepared for adulthood.” She opines that our kids are “fearful, maybe even terrified.” Read More…

becoming conversatioanl

Jesus had a wonderful ability to talk with outsiders. A woman who’d gone through five husbands. A religious leader fraught over his daughter’s health. An officer in the imperial army of occupation. A rich and influential young man. Jesus was so good at engaging outsiders that He was popular at dinners and parties. Religious people, however, dismissed Him as a friend of drunks and sinners. Read More…

social media deception

Social media styles itself as a great way to connect with friends. Facebook Live advertises: “If you have more to say, take out your phone and press this (Facebook icon), tap this (video camera icon) and go live. Now you’re not alone. Your friends are here to listen.”

Only they aren’t. Because the more you’re on social media the more lonely you are.
Read More…

escaping the goolag

Google has been getting some bad press. They deserve it. And more.

Most everyone’s heard about the Google programmer who naively trusted his company’s motto, “Don’t be evil.” But then his
10-page memo critiquing the company’s diversity policy which mandates “Unconscious Bias” training, began circulating beyond Google. James Damore abruptly discovered the most evil thing any Googler can do (that’s really how they identify their employees) is to criticize the mother-ship. Read More…

defining evil, part 2

Before the deadly events at Charlottesville are flushed away by our 24-hour news cycle, a reflection. The week before Charlottesville I observed that neither philosophers nor theologians have developed a widely accepted definition of evil. Rushing in where they fear to tread, and adhering to Albert Einstein’s desire that explanations be as simple as possible, but not simpler, I offered my own definition of evil.

Evil views death and/or destruction as a solution. Read More…

Bible translations

Why are there so many different translations of the Bible? The cynical answer is, Bible translations are money-makers. To be sure, every few years a few fragments of ancient manuscripts come to light. But not since the Dead Sea Scrolls in the late 1940’s (which included only Old Testament books) has a trove of Bible manuscripts appeared. Yet translations keep popping out.

Allow me a heretical claim. Almost every modern translation of the Bible is quite acceptable.
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defining evil

Why evil exists is a hard thing. If there is a God who is good and omnipotent—if He is the loving heavenly Father, why does He tolerate evil? And, what exactly is evil? We may know it when we see it, but we usually recognize evil only after it has produced some horrible harvest. It often isn’t readily recognized. Nazi Germany was awarded the 1936 Olympics. Cambodia welcomed the Khmer Rouge as liberators. Read More…

God is. The Trinity

A classic question asks, “If god is completely complete in and of himself, if he is totally fulfilled, fully self-sustaining, lacking nothing; then why does anything exist beyond god?”
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