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muhammad bin salman

The people of Saudi Arabia have come to identify the crown prince of their country as MbS. Muhammad bin Salman, only 32 years old, is supposedly very popular among Saudis. He wants to moderate the Wahhabi version of Islam that dominates his country. The Wall Street Journal reported his announcement, “We are going back to how we were: to the tolerant, moderate Islam that is open to the world—to all the religions and traditions of its people. We represent the moderate teachings and principles of Islam. We will eradicate the remnants of extremism very soon.” Read More…

I Wish You Bad Luck

It was not without precedent that the 2017 Cardigan Mountain School ninth grade graduation had no announced commencement speaker. It was, after all, just a Middle School graduation. As the rainy day unfolded a parent, a father whose adopted son was one of the graduates, offered his own carefully prepared advice. The speaker was the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts. Here is some of what he said. Read More…

for God so loved

And there were sheep-herders living in the fields just outside Bethlehem, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them. The glory of the Lord shone around them.

~ New Testament Gospel of Luke 2.8-9 (paraphrased)

12/24 is the fourth Sunday of Advent. The traditional theme is love. In our culture, love is widely misunderstood. Perhaps in every culture individuals want love to fulfill or complete them; somehow supply what’s missing in their lives. Such thinking isn’t entirely wrong. Love is fulfilling. It does complete us.

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joy for all

“Why am I so favored that the mother of my Lord should visit me? The moment your voice reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises.

~ Elizabeth greeting Mary, New Testament Gospel of Luke 1.43-45 (paraphrased)

12/17 is the third Sunday of
Advent. Joy is the theme. One of the oxymorons of Christmas is the carol that begins, “Joy to the world, the Lord has come.” If the Lord has come, should there not be more joy in the world?

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if only we could see peace

“If you could only see this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes.

~ Jesus’ announcement before His final entry into Jerusalem
New Testament Gospel of Luke
19.42 (paraphrased)

12/10 is the second Sunday of Advent. Peace is the traditional theme. Ancient prophets foretold that a Prince of Peace would come to Jerusalem, even describing his arrival:

“Rejoice with shouts, Jerusalem! Watch for your king. He will arrive righteous and victorious; yet lowly, riding a donkey—on a colt, the foal of a donkey.”

~ Zechariah 9 (paraphrased)

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prisoners of hope

I will free your people from the pit of exile. Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope. In the midst of your losses, hear the Lord announce: I will repay twice-over with blessing for all you have suffered.

~ Zechariah 9.11-12 (paraphrased) … Old Testament prophetic book.

12/3 is the first Sunday of Advent. Hope is the traditional theme. Five centuries before Christ’s birth an obscure Jewish prophet identified the people of God as prisoners of hope.

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church shootings don't intimidate the church

(Excerpt from Russell Moore writing in The Washington Post, 11/6/2017)

While millions of other Christians were singing hymns or opening their Bibles or taking communion this past Sunday, a gunman was opening fire on the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX. Whatever the shooter’s twisted objective might have been, we do know this: It won’t work. Read More…

the crucial career

Erica Komisar is a Jewish psychoanalyst who practices on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. That location accurately stereotypes her as a political liberal. But she’s become “a bit of a pariah” on the left because of her book, Being There: Why the First Three Years of Motherhood Matters.

Christian radio stations “interviewed me and loved me,” she says. Read More…

christian dior & suzanne spaak

You’ve heard of Christian Dior, a French fashion designer—founder of one of the world’s celebrity fashion houses. During the World War 2 occupation of France, Dior designed dresses for the wives of Nazi officers and French collaborators, as did other fashion housesconforming to the pattern of their world. His sister Catherine refused to conform. She joined the Resistance and ended up in Ravensbruck Concentration camp. Read More…

seeking allah

Nabeel Quershi died September 16, 2017, at age 34. He was born into an American Muslim family of Pakistani descent, his father a faithful Muslim from the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam and a patriotic officer in the US Navy. Nabeel Quershi was highly educated; BA in interpersonal communications (Old Dominion U.), an MD (Eastern Virginia Medical School), MA in religion (Duke U.), and Master of Philosophy (Oxford, England). Read More…

train up a child

Kids currently in college, high school and middle school are rather unique. They’re the first crop of kids to grow up with smart phones in hand and two haunting events in their collective memory; the 2008 economic panic and the attacks of 9/11. These three seemingly unrelated items have combined to make kids, according to demographer Dr Jean Twenge “less rebellious and less relational, more tolerant but more unhappy, and completely unprepared for adulthood.” She opines that our kids are “fearful, maybe even terrified.” Read More…

becoming conversatioanl

Jesus had a wonderful ability to talk with outsiders. A woman who’d gone through five husbands. A religious leader fraught over his daughter’s health. An officer in the imperial army of occupation. A rich and influential young man. Jesus was so good at engaging outsiders that He was popular at dinners and parties. Religious people, however, dismissed Him as a friend of drunks and sinners. Read More…