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what happens sundays

Ancient Christians in China explained church to their Emperor: "Every morning we pray for the salvation of all. Every seventh day we gather together for an audience with heaven. We purify our hearts and return to the simple and natural way of the truth." —Nestorian Christians, 781ce

most sundays @ the fort collins northside center
112 East Willow Street, Fort Collins, Colorado
A unique city-owned community health club. Ample parking is available. Except for occasional Sunday Specials, gatherings begin with coffee at 9:45am in the Activity Rooms.

10am sunday mornings
Our gatherings are built around participation—not performers or an audience—through Bible readings, spoken prayers, personal devotionals, artistic expressions and community reports.

coffee bar
Friendly conversations, and the best church coffee in town; beginning at 9:45am.

music & sung prayers
15-20 minutes designed to usher you into an audience with heaven.

5-7 minutes for your private and vocalized prayers.

something from everyone
crucial part of early church gatherings were personal reflections and spiritual insights from each participant (1Corinthians 14.26).

20-25 minute commentary, applying the Bible's timeless truths to your world.

Q & A
Your on-topic questions are wanted and addressed immediately following the monologue.

We're ready to pray with you and for you; come to the front at the conclusion of out gathering.

The Lord's supper is celebrated the first Sunday of most months.

Occasional artistic presentations via music, video, drama, etc.

psalm & song sundays
First Sunday of most months; up-front worship leaders are replaced by a congregational focus upon participation, Communion and spiritual reflection.