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MSNBC broadcast an interview with five Pediatricians about re-opening schools. Towards the end of the 3-minute piece, the doctors were polled about sending their own kids back to school. The studio host was flummoxed by their unity.

Mark McDonald, a psychiatrist who specializes in children and at-risk youth, testified about re-opening schools at a hearing of the Orange County, CA Board of Supervisors (6/24/2020). His testimony addressed a key reality. Read More…

one race

In a June 18, 2020 letter to students, staff, alumni and their families, Hillsdale College wrote:

“There is a kind of virtue that is cheap. It consists of jumping on cost-free bandwagons of public feeling—deeply justified public feeling—and winning approval by espousing the right opinion. The fact that very real racial problems are now being cynically exploited for profit, gain, and public favor by some organizations and people is impossible to overlook. It is a scandal and a shame that compounds our ills and impedes their correction.”
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