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6 principles of resurrected living

Christians are to live as resurrection people. They believe Jesus rose from the dead, but they also believe that His victory over death shall be supernaturally applied to each believer. This promised victory over death via the grace and power of God, challenges believers to adopt Jesus’ worldview.

Here are six principles of Resurrected Living. …
First, the material world in which we live was created by God. The Creator has revealed Himself to humanity, and that revelation is accurately recorded in the Bible. Our material reality did not result spontaneously or randomly. The Singularity (Big Bang) was a direct result of the Creator’s command, "Let there be light."

Second, humans were created in the image of God and given responsibility for managing creation. Humans did not evolve randomly, rather the
original male and female were direct creations of God. Humanity’s responsibility for the earth results from that divine design.

creation as we currently experience it is deformed. It is polluted by evil and that evil pollutes every material thing. While creation was originally deemed “good” by the Creator, it was broken when the first humans sought fulfillment from material reality rather than from their Creator.

Fourth, God is in the process of healing and restoring His creation. Instead of deleting His damaged creation,
He chose to humbly enter material existence in order to redeem it. God is now in the process of liberating earth from having been made a colony of hell. God will ultimately reunite earth with His kingdom of heaven.

Fifth, the church (the gathered followers of Christ) is the soft-power manifestation of the kingdom of heaven on earth. This
soft-power kingdom was inaugurated by Christ. Purely via soft-power the church has expanded to every continent and can now be found in nearly every culture.

Sixth, the Bible foretells the kingdom of heaven will fully materialize via hard-power.
Jesus promised He would return to earth as a conquering King. The Bible prophesies that every knee will bow and every tongue acknowledge that Christ Jesus is the rightful Lord of the world. ~