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best christmas ever

Adapted from Dr. Kevin Elko Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration, 12/14/2020

I hope you’re getting all-fired up for Christmas. Here’s my recipe to have the best holiday season ever.

To have the best Christmas ever, make this a “more than” season. To win, a football team must score more points than their opponent. To save money you must earn more than you spend. It’s a “more than” thing.

If during this Christmas you do these twelve “more than” things, you’ll make this your best Christmas ever.

  1. Count your blessings more than your troubles
  2. Give more than you get
  3. Smile more than you frown
  4. Think “we” more than you think “me”
  5. Compliment more than you criticize
  6. Laugh more than you cry
  7. Be positive more than negative
  8. Accept more than you reject
  9. Help more than you hinder
  10. Believe in yourself more than you doubt yourself
  11. Work more than you whine
  12. Love more than you ever have before …

Walking past a toy store a professional woman spotted a young, free range boy loitering outside, looking in the windows. He was alone. His clothes were old. It appeared the little boy didn’t have much. That lady boldly invited him to join her inside the toy store, where she told him to pick out any toy he wanted. The boy chose a toy, she bought it for him.

As they left the store the little boy asked, “Lady, are you God?”

“No,” she chuckled a little anxiously, then added, “I’m just one of God’s children.”

Brightening up even more than when he got his toy, that little boy announced, “I knew it! I knew you were related to Him!”

Do these twelve “more than” things and this will be your best Christmas ever. ~

Merry Christmas,
Dan Nygaard