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stealing thanksgiving

Colorado Public Radio reports that Gov. Polis has asked Coloradans to stay at home, with only their immediate family for the holidays to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The CDC doesn’t want people to travel over Thanksgiving.

So, it’s official. The pandemic has stolen Thanksgiving.
Not everyone will go quietly. Weld County commissioners say they will not enforce our Governor’s ruling. YouTuber Steve Crowder (5 million subscribers) Tweeted, “As for me and my household: we WILL celebrate Thanksgiving. We will have a house FULL of family, friends and kin. We will give thanks together, pray together and make merry with grateful and joyous hearts. This is now rebellion.”

Rebellion? Defiance? Folly? You choose. This pandemic allows anyone to find data supporting their perspective and pandemic response.

Thanksgiving will be quiet in our home, perhaps at your home, too. While personally bristling at the pandemic lockdowns, through every wave and restriction I’ve tried to create some redemptive response. I haven't been very successful, but I keep clawing.

Home alone for Thanksgiving offers an unprecedented opportunity: I shall take advantage of the solitude and write thank you notes.

Freed of the busyness of hosting/entertaining guests affords time to express personal thanks in a tangible way. There’s a couple of folks to whom I owe a thank you. There are many others who deserve one. To those I plan to compose brief, heartfelt letters of appreciation; and shall address one to my heavenly Father.

The pandemic cannot steal Thanksgiving. You may quit on Thanksgiving—2020 has been a terrible year. But instead of letting the pandemic rob you, try redeeming this Thanksgiving. ~

Be Thankful,
Dan Nygaard