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erasure of women

Adapted from “Women Leaving the Left” by Meghan Murphy, a Canadian living in Mexico.

I have been dedicated to the left since I was a teenager. As a young woman, I identified as a Marxist. I viewed supporters of Canada’s Liberal Party (led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) as right-wing.

Despite my dedication, I’ve became a pariah among progressives because I insist that prostitution, strip clubs, pornography and sexual objectification in the media harm women. I wrote critically about
SlutWalk, where young women attempted to fight victim-blaming by parading through the streets in their underwear.

This angered the BDSM perverts and third-wave feminists who argue that all ‘sex’ is good sex and label anyone who disagrees a religious prude or ‘
slut-shamer’. The fact that any feminist or socialist would frame prostitution as an empowering choice for women was always strange to me.

The most decisive thing for me has been the left’s erasure of women, which is now undeniable.

Last month the ACLU, an organization that once stood for civil liberties, tweeted “Abortion bans disproportionately harm…” followed by a long list of identity groups, including the “LGBTQ community” and “people of color”. Notably absent was the only group of people abortion bans directly impact: women.

The left, seemingly along with most feminists, has now decided it no longer knows what a woman is, and that anyone who claims to know must be silenced.

Blind devotion towards any group is dangerous. It is particularly dangerous when it is towards a group that demands total capitulation—even to irrational ideas, such as that men are women.

During the past year the left demanded that truckers lose their jobs for protesting against vaccine mandates. But this year the left chants, “my body, my choice”.

The left is no longer a movement for justice and freedom, it is a movement for bullying and totalitarian control.

An ideology that says individual responsibility, accountability for one’s own life and a desire for self-improvement are bad things is not an empowering ideology. It is not an ideology that will lead to a better society. A political movement that says the world around you is responsible for all that ails you, and that society must accommodate bad behavior from any individual claiming a marginalized identity, is destined for failure.

I haven’t adopted any ‘right-wing’ values—unless supporting freedom, independence and autonomy now places one on the right. In which case I’ll accept the label. ~