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why we gather, why we sing
Sunday 5/19/2024 — Dan Nygaard
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Week one of our spring focus, "why the church does what it does". We begin with the beginning—Christians gather every week because we CARE. The church gathers to comfort, affirm, recall, and engage. There's several reasons the church sings. Singing gives each person an opportunity to get their voice in the room. Singing together is unifying. And music is the universal language, and that includes heaven. ~

Why We Gather and Why We Sing
Review: is it a stretch to interpret Revelation 12 as a prophesy of a war on mothers?
Remembering: the day they closed our churches down
Intro: the Day of Pentecost revolutionized religion
1Corinthians 14.1-5
Principle 1: the church gathers to comfort, affirm, recall, and engage
Principle 2: the church sings to connect
music, universal language
Problem: church is increasingly alien to our culture
Hope: Jesus is present in church gatherings

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