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muhammad bin salman

The people of Saudi Arabia have come to identify the crown prince of their country as MbS. Muhammad bin Salman, only 32 years old, is supposedly very popular among Saudis. He wants to moderate the Wahhabi version of Islam that dominates his country. The Wall Street Journal reported his announcement, “We are going back to how we were: to the tolerant, moderate Islam that is open to the world—to all the religions and traditions of its people. We represent the moderate teachings and principles of Islam. We will eradicate the remnants of extremism very soon.” Read More…

I Wish You Bad Luck

It was not without precedent that the 2017 Cardigan Mountain School ninth grade graduation had no announced commencement speaker. It was, after all, just a Middle School graduation. As the rainy day unfolded a parent, a father whose adopted son was one of the graduates, offered his own carefully prepared advice. The speaker was the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts. Here is some of what he said. Read More…