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Bible translations

Why are there so many different translations of the Bible? The cynical answer is, Bible translations are money-makers. To be sure, every few years a few fragments of ancient manuscripts come to light. But not since the Dead Sea Scrolls in the late 1940’s (which included only Old Testament books) has a trove of Bible manuscripts appeared. Yet translations keep popping out.

Allow me a heretical claim. Almost every modern translation of the Bible is quite acceptable.
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defining evil

Why evil exists is a hard thing. If there is a God who is good and omnipotent—if He is the loving heavenly Father, why does He tolerate evil? And, what exactly is evil? We may know it when we see it, but we usually recognize evil only after it has produced some horrible harvest. It often isn’t readily recognized. Nazi Germany was awarded the 1936 Olympics. Cambodia welcomed the Khmer Rouge as liberators. Read More…