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The Bible recounts King David’s own son led a rebellion against him. Prince Absalom tried to steal the throne of Israel. He is commonly characterized as a rebel. Perhaps from Absalom’s perspective his father the king failed to act with justice and had become weak.

In time the rebellion was put down by the professional soldiers who rallied to the king. But against David’s announced wish his son, the leader of the rebellion, was killed.
Learning of his son’s death David is heartbroken. He weeps, crying out, “My son Absalom! Absalom, my son, my son!” The king’s mourning for his rebel son turns a day of victory into a day of sadness.

Joab—commander of the professional army—shocked by David’s behavior, confronted him. “Today you shame the very soldiers who saved your life and your family. Today you express love for those who hate you while despising those who love you. Your soldiers mean nothing to you, you’ve made that very clear. Apparently you would be pleased today if Absalom were alive and all of us dead.”

Then he demands David express gratitude to the army, adding a warning. “
If you don’t, I guarantee you won’t have an army left by sunset. That’ll be worse than all the troubles you have ever known.”

King David habitually expressed gratitude, over thirty of his Psalms include thankfulness. But the death of his rebellious son blocked his gratitude. For those in mourning, hear the words of street-wise Joab: “Get hold of yourself. Express gratitude to those who support you. If you don’t, life will get even worse for you.

David was very successful. But his son’s rebellion exposed to David his failures—as a father, as a judge, as a leader. For those haunted by personal failure, listen to savvy Joab: “Rise up! Express gratitude! Things will be worse if you fail to express your thanks.”

David led a prosperous empire. Still, he was depressed by a career set-back—he nearly lost his throne! For those struggling with disappointment and depression, listen to the wisdom of Joab: “Be positive! Build up your team. Don’t take anyone for granted.”

Gratitude is glue. It attracts people, we bind ourselves to grateful people because we crave gratitude. And, people deserve gratitude—deserve hearing, “Thank you.”

Allow me to recommend this five minute video about gratitude. Do you want to make your world a better place? Express gratitude. ~

Dan Nygaard