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best Christmas gift

What’s the best gift you received this Christmas? For our family, it was the Celebrate 20 Years with Hope commemorative book. Mary Lacock and the Anniversary Team produced a beautiful album, a celebration of Hope Community Fellowship. Packed with two decades of pictures, it brings back memories of all God has done through our Fellowship, and sometimes in spite of us.
Oh the places we’ve been, the people who’ve blessed our church, the Kingdom work Hope has done. We’ve learned a lot and changed a lot. God the Holy Spirit has made us wiser, experience has made us a little smarter, and deep relationships have certainly made us a better church. 

During last week’s Sunday gathering people huddled around the album, remembering and commentating and laughing. It reminded me of friends enjoying a school year book—which gave me an idea. The only way to make Mary Lacock’s labor of love even more valuable would be to have people of Hope Community (and others) sign our 20th Anniversary album. Even better, write out a remembrance or blessing.

For the next few Sundays the 
Celebrate 20 Years with Hope commemorative album will be at the information table. Your signature, you written note will make our best gift priceless. ~

Dan Nygaard