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Trangenderism. That’s the term lawyer David Boyle used in his friend of the court brief concerning the transgendered boy (born a female) whose suit of the Gloucester County School District in Virginia went to the US Supreme Court. The student wanted to use male bathrooms. The school district objected, offering the accommodation of private bathrooms.

I’ve spent weeks slogging through this case’s
Proceedings and Orders, looking for the science—the biology that supports transgenderism. I must be missing something because I’ve found nothing. In fact I’ve failed to locate the science that supports transgender claims.
Dr Paul McHugh claims the fundamental claim of transgenderism—that a human can change his or her sex “is starkly, nakedly false.” Dr McHugh served 26years as psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital. That hospital pioneered sex-change surgery, then abandoned it when research revealed that sex-change failed to improve patients’ mental health.

Every cell in the human body marks individuals as either male or female; males carry an XY and females an XX chromosome. Sex is not “assigned” at birth. It is identified anatomically. “In mammals such as humans, the female gestates offspring and the male impregnates the female,” Dr McHugh writes in
Sexuality and Gender, a comprehensive literature review co-authored by Dr Lawrence Mayer.

American Psychiatric Association reports that of the adolescents who struggle with sexual identity (gender dysphoria), 97.8% of males and 88% of females come to identify with their biological sex by early adulthood. Scientifically, transgendered males don’t become biologically female, they become feminized men. Transgendered females don’t become male, they become masculinized women. They can only become impersonators of the sex with which they identify.

The post-Christian worldview excludes God and rejects design in nature. Created humanity has been replaced by the psychological individual. The soul has become the self. Identity is biology. Science is being displaced by belief.

Time magazine article supports transgenderism by recounting the stories of a number of adolescents who really, deeply, truly believe their sexual identity doesn’t match their biology. Suggesting science may help, National Geographic reports on a few isolated groups with intersex chromosomal conditions. However, they offer no scientific explanation for today’s explosion of transgender identification.

Dr Kenneth Zucker is one of the world’s foremost authorities on gender-identity issues in children and a strong supporter of LGBT rights. In 2015,
transgender activists succeeded in getting him fired as director of the Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic in Toronto, a post he had held for 30 years. Dr Zucker’s offense—maintaining that prepubertal, gender-dysphoric children are best served by counseling that helps them align their gender identity with their biological sex.

Dr Norman Spack does offer a transgender treatment protocol that originated in the Netherlands. Adolescents enter a process that consigns them to lifelong dependence on the medical system; puberty blockers begin at age thirteen, massive hormones by age sixteen. Some patients choose sex-reassignment surgery. Teenage girls undergo double mastectomies; teenage boys—penis amputation. But no medical treatment can cause a male to menstruate or give birth. And it’s scientifically impossible for a female to produce sperm and father a child.

The transgender campaign will fail to fulfill its promise of happiness to those suffering gender-dysphoria. Its costs will become undeniable: Infertile men and women living with irreversible, body-deforming, life-changing surgeries—dependent on drugs and medical treatments for the rest of their lives. ~

Dan Nygaard